Our process

Story and design is at the core of everything we do. Tell us about your brand or a product, and we will create an engaging animated video that stands out in the daily information overload.



We like to kick our new projects off with a meeting, in person or through video conferencing. At the meeting you'll get to know the team members who are going to be involved in the project.

This type of a meeting helps us to be on the same page as you. We discuss the concept and ideas. It's also a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas.



A killer script is the foundation for a successful video. And for that it's important to have as much information as possible about your company and products. Who is the target audience, how do you communicate with the customers, what are your goals? Our mission is to turn your ideas into an engaging story.

Thanks to the answers, we come up with the solution for your video, resulting in the first draft of a script. A script consists of a written description of the scenes, and alternatively the text for a voiceover.



We will craft the design for the animation that expresses the individuality and uniqueness of your brand.

In this step we create a style frame; a single image that determines the overall look for an animation. If you are after a particular look and feel, it is helpful for us to get references, so we can draw an inspiration. If you are not sure, we will provide designs that respect your brand identity.



Animatic is a visual video sequence – we create storyboards, which we bring into an editing program and cut together with the correct timing and pace of the video. We include a song and the voiceover text. Together with the style frame, the animatic helps us imagine the final look of the video.

Scenes in the animatic are static, so they need a bit of imagination. For example, in a scene of a person strolling through a forest, there will be a rough sketch of a person with the forest in the background. Once the animatic is approved, we prepare final illustrations of all scenes and get things moving.



At this stage we choose the right voice to represent your brand's vision.

We cooperate with several fantastic voice actors, with whom we can guarantee the best quality and a professional approach. We handle each video individually, choosing the actor whose voice suits the type of the video the best.



Once all the previous stages are signed-off, we move on to the final stage. At this point, it's much harder to change anything, that's also why we put emphasis on a step-by-step approval. It is possible to make changes, but it affects timings and cost.

Illustrations, animation and sound design

First we illustrate the video frame by frame, according to the already approved style frame. When everything is prepared, we can bring the story to life!


Final delivery

To ensure your satisfaction, you give us feedback we can incorporate at each stage. Prompt and detailed feedback helps us keep the process moving and is important to ensure we finish within the agreed timeframe and budget.

We're nearly there! After the final sign-off, we will send you a link to download the video, ready for your campaign, website or a conference.

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