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About the project

Cybersecurity software company Avast wanted to introduce a new visual style and logo with a short video as part of a rebranding campaign. 

Avast already had a clear idea of how the video should look with a brand guide and visual style created by artist Jonathan Calugi, so Motionhouse's role was to effectively execute the brief on the technical side and bring in some creative input.



In the script, Avast positions itself as having an important role within the history of the developing digital world. This new world has brought untold possibilities for expression and openness that can improve our lives.

The company provides protection and safety from the potential dangers of the internet and this in turn can lead to increased confidence, empowerment and freedom.

How we did it


The animation was created with a combination of 3D environment and 2D animation, including some frame-by-frame animation.


A minimalistic, monochromatic background was introduced that complemented the visual concept. Using camera movements and 3D, we were then able to add depth and atmosphere to the simple "stroke" style.


The development and animation process was straightword and guided by lots of animatics and feedback at all stages. Avast was very happy with the finished film with no major comments or changes.


Animation: Michal Černý, Radek Pšurný, Ivan Floreš, Jiří Machů
Illustration: Adam Mihalov, Jiří Machů, Jonathan Calugi
Sound design: Jiří Machů

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