Banking in motion

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About the project

Our objective was to create a video for the opening of the Banking in Motion conference, which should tell the viewer about the history of banking over the centuries. An interesting point of the assignment was the future of banking section, where the client, the Czech Banking Association, gave us free reign and told us to imagine what the banking of the future would look like and conceptualise this idea into the video.



Beginning in 3000 BC in Assyria, the story flows through history to the present day and beyond. Coins, then loans via Ancient Greece and Rome through to the first bank in Venice in 1157 AD. Investment services, savings banks and cheques are introduced. We transition into the 20th century with ATMs and internet banking and then move into the future of digital banking transactions.


How we did it

The process was a classic 2D animation, but we also worked with a camera and 3D elements. We tried to create a flowing, almost cut-free animation, where the individual transitions and scenes followed each other. The camera follows the coin, which takes on the role of a time-travelling storyteller.

We tried to incorporate textures into the visuals and to evoke a specific atmosphere and give it a creative edge. We were inspired by the textures, noise and 'dirtiness' of classic Czech animation, but with a modern, contemporary twist.

The whole project was created on a tight schedule of 10 days.



Screenplay: Adam Mihalov
Illustration: Adam Mihalov
Animation: Michal Černý, Ivan Floreš
Sound design: Tomáš Havlen

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