Remoska Tria

60 seconds

About the Project

The brief was to create a short explainer video presenting a new product in the Remoska product line – the Remoska Tria pot available in different colours.



The animation guides us visually through the features of the product as the voice-over explains the innovative benefits.

The multi-functional Remoska Tria electric cooker offers a wide range of cooking possibilities thanks to three different lid options.

Features include energy-saving insulation, high quality materials, easy maintenance, easy to store and availability in various colours. Three lids, hundreds of options.


How we did it

We wanted to create a 3D visual that combined a realistic, colour 3D model of a Remoska pot contrasted against a monochromatic 3D environment to make the product really stand out on the screen.

The production process went smoothly and we succeeded with our aim of creating some nice visuals and a distinctive product presentation.



Screenplay: Michal Černý
3D Design: Michal Černý, Karel Kvasnička
2D elements: Adam Mihalov
Animation: Michal Černý
Sound Design: Jiří Machů

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